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Wedding music FAQs - Yorkshire Wedding band SouthWestBand answer your questions about Bands and DJs

Updated: 2 days ago

We answer frequently asked questions about Live Yorkshire Wedding Bands and DJs. Here are some of your most common questions when it comes to wedding music for your big day:

When should I hire my wedding music and/or DJ?

The golden rule with any wedding suppliers is that there is no such thing as too early to book. We do advise you search for wedding musicians or DJs about a year to 18 months ahead of your wedding date to avoid missing out. By the year to six month mark, aim to have them booked and secured for your big day. Use the two to three-month window to finalize your wedding song requests, first dance choice and get practicing those dance moves!

What is the most popular music to have at a wedding?

A well-rounded selection of musical styles that caters to everyone's diverse tastes tends to be the crowd-pleaser. The most popular styles of music at UK weddings however are Indie, Pop, Rock, Soul/Motown, RnB, Dance and more recently Pop Punk! Most wedding bands will play a wide mix of genres to cater for all all your guests, then maybe get a bit more niche later on once the drinks are flowing and the oldies have gone to bed.

How should I choose the music for my wedding?

Before committing to a band or DJ, ensure they align with your musical preferences, wedding style, and budget. With numerous options and genres available, kick-start your selection process by outlining your budget and the type of musical soundtrack you desire for your day.

At what times during the wedding is music played?

Music sets the tone throughout various moments of a wedding, so it's essential to plan when and where music will be played. Typically, music accompanies the ceremony, the couple's entrance during the wedding reception, throughout the meal, key moments like the first dance, and of course, the party later on!

What is the average price for a wedding music band?

Wedding entertainment prices vary widely, ranging from £100 to £10,000+. Each price bracket caters to different needs and preferences. Some bands offer package deals tailored to various budgets, while others provide personalized quotes to suit your specific requirements. Typically couples opt for between 10-15% of their overall wedding budget on evening entertainment.

We hope you have found these answers useful, all the best in your wedding planning journey. Hopefully we'll see you on the dancefloor!

Much Love,


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