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Wedding First Dance: Three things you NEED to know before deciding if its for you

Are you currently planning your wedding and is your first dance playing on your mind? We get it, the thought of slow dancing in front of all your friends and family can seem somewhat daunting.

However, here are three things you need to know before deciding if its for you or not.

1. It is THE best way to gather your guests before your party starts. As a band we can use it as a focal point to get everyone off their chairs and gathered up on the dancefloor. (Side note, the cake cut is another good 'gatherer' but isn't always situated near the dancefloor).

2. It will give you memories for a lifetime. It is a great opportunity for your photographer to grab some snaps you will cherish. It will also make you reminisce every time you hear your song again on the radio or out and about.

3. It may seem nerve wracking but it is the easiest audience you will ever have. They will whoop and cheer for you and once given 'the wave' will all flood on the dancefloor to join you.

Here are a few ways to get the best out of your first dance while minimizing the awkwardness.

Pick an upbeat banger. We will slow down the first minute or even 30 seconds so you can dance together before kicking in with the beat and inviting our guests up with you. Great recent examples of this include 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', 'First Date' by Blink-182 and 'Shut Up And Dance'.

Have a group first dance. Have your traditional first dance but invite everyone join you on the dancefloor from the off. Way less awkward and you can still get the romantic first dance photos.

Have no slow dance element. Listen, who actually slow dances in this day and age? Its safe to say you've probably never slow danced with your partner before and don't plan on it again after your big day but yet because of that word 'tradition' somehow you're expected to do it in front of all your guests?! Just pick a banger and get on with the party. We will gather all your guests with you and then drop your favourite tune to get the party started.

We totally get it – the whole first dance thing can be a bit nerve-wracking. When talking to our couples it is one of their main concerns about their day. But here's the deal: if it's causing you more stress than excitement, feel free to ditch it. There's no law that says you are required to have one. Your day, your rules!

Hope you found this useful.

See you in the next one! - SWB

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