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Top 5 First Dance requests of 2022 - As a UK Wedding Band (Number 2 may surprise you...)

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

As a busy UK Wedding band SouthWestBand performed countless first dances throughout the year 2022. Here are our most requested first dance choices:

Photo :Tim Dunk

5. Tom Walker - Just You and I

In at number 5 is multi-instrumentalist and bearded hat aficionado Tom Walker with his hit 'Just You and I'. This song has some great relatable lyrics, a nice groove and tempo for you two to sway to and many points for your band to take it up a notch in energy and get everyone on the dancefloor.

4. Tom Odell - Grow Old With Me

Taking the 4th spot for most requested first dance of 2022 is another Tom. This time it's the blonde, piano tinkling Tom Odell with his song 'Grow Old With Me'. A lovely song which builds in energy throughout and has many opportunities to invite your guests to join you on the dancefloor. Its a bit more up tempo than most first dances which works well if you're worried about being too exposed with a slower song.

3. George Ezra - All My Love

In at number 3 is the baritone voiced pop giant George Ezra with 'All My Love'. Released in 2018 this is the most recent song on the list and its a great tune. The lyrics are pretty and really suit a first dance while the feel of the song is very upbeat and more reminiscent of the 50s and 60s rather than contemporary pop music. Again there are many points in the song to introduce your guests to the dancefloor.

2. .............................

In at Number 2 of the most requested first dance choices of 2022 may surprise you...

No first dance!

Don't feel obliged to have a first dance just because 'tradition' dictates it. If you're not comfortable getting up there and swaying in front of your friends and family then don't do it. Just sick one more song in your playlist or band's setlist and dive straight into the party. After all when would you slow dance with your partner at home?

Always remember it's your day and your way!

1. Arctic Monkeys - Baby I'm Yours

And finally, the top of the list and our most requested first dance of 2022........It's Yorkshire's finest Arctic Monkeys, with their song 'Baby, I'm Yours'. This is a really great song, a classy 50s/60s feel throughout with poignant lyrics and a beautiful melody weaved throughout. It's really fun to play with some interesting vocal harmonies and call and response lines. This song was by far the most requested first dance for SouthWestBand in 2022. A combination of a band with an ever increasing legacy and popularity and a song almost ideally suited to a first dance. Hats off to Alex Turner and co for smashing it out of the park with this tune.

We hope you found this useful, good luck in choosing your first dance, any more tips or advice don't hesitate to get in touch through our website contact form at , through our socials or email



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