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SouthWestBand Vs Storm Babet : A Yorkshire Wedding at The Venue, Halifax

Mid October and our SouthWestBand power trio headed over to The Venue in Halifax for Vicky and James' epic wedding day! A party that had it all – from guest singers to a conga line, a human smoke machine, expert golf swings, all while a dramatic storm raged outside! 🎶🌩️

Tucked away in the heart of Halifax and posessing the perfect balance between historic charm and modern allure 'The Venue' was the canvas for Vicky and James' to craft their story.

Even though Storm Babet, in it's full pomp was dominating the tabloids the real headline was Vicky and James' and their big day. The celebration was nothing short of epic, and we were honored to be part of their special day.

Here's a glimpse of the musical journey throughout Vicky and James' big day:

First Dance Magic - "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison

As the newlyweds took the floor for their first dance, it was our SouthWestBand arrangement of Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" that filled the air. A classic by an iconic artist that really works as a first dance while avoiding the dreaded 'overplayed' tag.

Special Requests - "Whisky in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy 

Vicky and James brought their own flair to the celebration with a special request – the timeless "Whisky in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy. A great tune we rarely get to jam out, naturally as we do love a bit of rock music we also took some inspiration from Metallica's cover version while learning this iconic song.

Guest singers - "All The Small Things" By Blink-182

Do we have any singers in the house? Who wants to sing this next one? When the mood is right we ask the question during our second set. Moments later two guests joined us onstage for a rendition of Blink-182's pop-punk classic "All The Small Things". Always great fun whether there is any truth to their claims or not!

Grand Finale - "Don’t Look Back in Anger" by Oasis

As the night soared to its peak, we wrapped up the celebration with the anthemic "Don’t Look Back in Anger" by Oasis. The crowd belted out the lyrics, and it was a nostalgic end to a top night

All images courtesy of

Shoutouts to the incredible team that made this day extraordinary:

Photographer: Joss Denham 📸 -

Videographer: Amy Dutton 📹 - @amydutton_creative

Hair Stylist: Native Hair 🪮 - @nativehair_

Dress Boutique: Off the Peg Bridal Outlet 👗 - @offthepegbridaloutlet

DJ: Alex Healey 🎧 - @alexhealey1993

Thank you, Vicky and James, for having SouthWestBand provide the soundtrack to your incredible day.

And to you thanks for stopping by, see you in the next one!

Much love,


Watch highlights of the big day on our YouTube channel here: ⬇️

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