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SouthWestBand - Origin Story of an Award Winning UK Wedding Band

As it's National Trivia Day today we thought we’d post a bit of an origin story of the band and some lesser known SouthWestBand trivia.

So we started out back in 2010 as an acoustic busking trio performing on the streets of Wakefield, Leeds, York and Harrogate.

After finishing at Wakefield College we bought an ex Royal Mail van and headed off to the French Riviera with just our guitars, speakers and a couple of tents.

We played in venues all over Nice, Antibes and Monaco before heading down to Barcelona and Salou and then finally back up to Italy to finish our travels in Rome.

After we got home we upgraded to a four piece with drums and the band as you know it was born.

How did we come up the name SouthWestBand? Half of the founding members are South Yorkshire and half are West Yorkshire. The story is even worse than the name!

We were once featured in Hello Magazine, performed on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show twice and appeared on BBC Radio Leeds three times.

We wrote and released two songs to support the charity ‘Mind’

We once randomly bumped into Dom the drummer from Muse and his Mum in a supermarket.

Henry and Shaun are huge Liverpool FC fans

All the SWB members have written and performed original music in various bands. One was even nominated for a Mercury prize.

Thought 'SouthWestBand' was a bad name? Get a load of this. When we very first started out we were known as 'The Busketeers'.

When working through entertainment agencies bands often have to use aliases. Here are some other terrible names we have had to use over the years: Arizona, Northern Monkeys, North West, Yorkshire's Finest!

Well that was a bit about us and how the band started out life. Hope you found some value in it.

See you in the next one,

Much love


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