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SouthWestBand - Live in Leeds 2024 @ The Wardrobe: Yorkshire's Leading Award Winning Wedding and Function Band Return To Leeds For One Night Only

Its been a pretty good Christmas this time round right? But (like us) you've probably over indulged and that work you left till January was miraculously still unfinished when you came back to it.

It's going to be a long old January of eating rabbit food, dodging the booze, catching up at work and smashing it down at the gym staying on top of those resolutions you made! After what may seem like 6 months January, the 'Monday' of the year will finally come to an end and you need a reward for your hard work!

Don't worry, we got you!

27th January seems about damn time to enjoy yourself! What better way to than to head over to Leeds and join SouthWestBand for a post Christmas treat at The Wardrobe! Live Band, DJ, Sax, Pints, Mosh Pits, Crowd Surfing, Baby Guinness, Human Pyramid, Glowsticks. It's all going off!

This wont be your typical night out. We will be playing ALL of the bangers from start to finish! Pop-Punk, Indie, Rock, Shania, you name it! We will be cranking the volume and nostalgia level up to 11 for this one!

Unless you have us booked SouthWestBand for your own Wedding (or you're a professional wedding gatecrasher!) this may be your ONLY CHANCE to see the band live in the wild in 2024!

Whether you're looking to re-live your own party with SouthWestBand, reminisce over your millennial student nights out, get pumped for your upcoming big day or just have a great night of live music with SouthWestBand grab your ticket today and come join us!

Please note! Last year's 'SouthWestBand live in Leeds 2023' was a huge success with over 260 attendees so please don't delay and grab your tickets to avoid disappointment.

See you there!


P.S. Check us out on your Social Media Platform of choice here:

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