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10 questions you need to ask your wedding band before booking

Updated: Mar 27

Greetings, future dancefloor dominators! Planning the mother of all parties for your big day? Well, before you commit to a musical marriage with a wedding band, let's make sure you're asking the right questions. We're SouthWestBand, based in the heart of Yorkshire, and we're here to spill the secrets on what to ask before taking the plunge into auditory bliss.

1. "Are You Available on [Your Wedding Date]?"

- Let's start with the basics. Secure the date first, because nothing says heartbreak like falling in love with a band that's already taken. There's no such thing as too early to get your dream suppliers locked down.

2. "What's Your Repertoire Like?"

- Get the lowdown on their musical arsenal. At SouthWestBand, our repertoire is as diverse as a wedding guest list – from classics to contemporary bangers, we've got it all.

Don't believe us? Check out our vast repertoire here. It's quite frankly obscene ⬇️

3. "Can You Tailor the Playlist to Our Tastes?"

- We're not fans of a one-size-fits-all approach. Ask if they can sprinkle in some personalized magic. SouthWestBand loves a challenge, and your unique taste is our command.

4. "How Do You Handle Song Requests?"

- Want a specific tune that's not on the playlist? Check if they're up for the challenge. SouthWestBand thrives on spontaneity and welcomes your musical whims. If we've played it before, or even if we've just heard it before we can probably give it a go!

5. "Can You Work With a Sound Limiter?"

We're like sonic ninjas—working seamlessly with sound limiters to keep the groove alive and your dancefloor pumping without waking those pesky neighbours.

6. "What's Your Experience with (insert your venue here)?"

- Local expertise matters. We know the ins and outs of Yorkshire weddings like the back of our drumsticks. Your celebration deserves that insider charm.

7. "Can We See You Perform Live?"

- Test the waters before diving in. SouthWestBand encourages you to catch us in action – witness the sonic spectacle that awaits you. We put on our own public show every year you can come check us out and see what your party could well look like. Link to our annual show below ⬇️

8. "How Do You Handle Technical Glitches?"

- Murphy's Law applies to weddings too. Find out how they tackle unexpected hiccups. SouthWestBand's got a few tricks up our sleeves to keep the show rolling seamlessly.

9. "What's Included in Your Pricing?"

- No hidden surprises, please. Get a clear breakdown of costs. SouthWestBand believes in transparent pricing because financial surprises are so last season.

10. "Do You Bring Your Own Equipment?"

- Save yourself from renting a sound system. SouthWestBand rolls in fully equipped, ensuring you won't need an audio engineer's degree to enjoy the music.

In conclusion, don't be shy – grill your potential wedding band like a pro. SouthWestBand is ready for the interrogation because it's your big day and you want it the right way, the way you deserve.

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