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  • Henry Clark

Matchday in Carlisle: SouthWestBand at Sam and Harry’s wedding at a the Hidden River Barn

Thursday 13th April but more importantly it's Sam and Harry’s matchday up at the beautiful Hidden River Barn in Carlisle and what a wedding it was!

It was quite the away day for SouthWestBand clocking in at a whopping 2 hours 45 drive from our HQ in Wakefield but the energy the newlyweds and their guests brought was totally worth the wait!

The couple made a superb choice to kick off their night with ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac as their first dance. A SouthWestBand favourite and a true crowd pleaser by one of our top bands.

It's always great to see fellow musicians in the crowd too, one of the big highlights was Harry the groom getting up onstage as our super sub, grabbing an axe and rocking out with us for Smells Like Teen Spirit and All The Small Things!

After the final whistle we headed off home still buzzing from the fantastic night and looking forward to many more this wedding season!

All the best Sam and Harry - SWB

Also great to meet Adam Grills Photography, capturing the magic and the memories 📸🔥

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