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A medieval adventure: York Wedding with SouthWestBand at the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

York, a city of tremendous history and culture but 15th April 2023 was a day in history for Andrew and Bryony.

They tied the knot at the stunning Merchant Adventurer's Hall, a grade 1 listed scheduled monument in the heart of the historic city.

As a wedding band it's not everyday you get to perform at an almost 700 year old wedding venue so we, SouthWestBand were relishing the opportunity!

After setting up and soundcheck it was time for the cake cutting and first dance. Using a Katana sword surrendered to a grandfather during the Second World War the newlyweds sliced through their cake before taking to the dancefloor for their first dance as a married couple.

Now previously we as a band can't say we would ever class ourselves as massive Meatloaf fans so when the first dance choice came through as 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' we weren't jumping for joy. However practicing the song in rehearsal we can safely say our minds have been changed. It was an absolute joy to learn and perform the song for the couple! So much so it could even be added to our set for future gigs!

The couple danced away to the theatrical rock number and all their guests quickly joined them on the dancefloor once given the nod. Afterwards we continued into our first live set and it was clear it was going to be a great night! The guests were full of energy, powered up by the free bar and the delicious food and the dance moves were flowing!

First set over and it was time for a quick pizza break. The energy levels stayed through the hall's timber roof as the guests boogied away to some dancefloor classics courtesy of our SouthWestBand DJ package. After a quick outfit change the bride Bryony shimmied back on the dance-floor in a gold sparkly number with matching shoes and tiara meaning business!

Second set and the party never let up, countless ties were secured firmly round heads and shapes were being thrown left and right. One highlight was a request for the Pokemon theme tune which we obliged and played through recalling the lyrics and guitar chords from high school memories! Later on in the set the bride and groom were even lifted aloft by their guests for the last two songs. No mean feat in itself as the groom Andrew must've been at least 6ft 5 and he miraculously managed to avoid every timber beam and chandelier attached to the low medieval guild ceiling!

The night ended on the classic New York New York, quite fitting as we were in one of the oldest buildings in York.

It was a joy to be part of Andrew and Bryony's special day. A beautiful wedding with a lovely couple, surrounded by some fantastic guests in a truly stunning venue!

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