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Save time and stress on your wedding day - The Irish Goodbye. Helpful wedding ideas with SouthWestBand

Updated: Mar 20

Hey there couples! Planning a wedding is often stressful and overwhelming but on the day itself it can feel like it has passed you by in a blink of an eye. Here's a simple tip to save you tons of time on your big day to fully take in the moment and enjoy yourself, behold - 'The Irish Goodbye.'

So, what exactly is the Irish goodbye? The Irish goodbye is when guests are encouraged to slip away from a gathering or event without saying goodbye to everyone individually. It might seem rude, but it's actually a common practice in Ireland and other cultures around the world. We all have that friend (or are that friend) that will silently exit from a night out without much of a fanfare subconsciously adopting the time honoured tradition!

Now, you might be wondering why we're suggesting adopting this tradition for your wedding day. Here's why:

  • Avoid Awkward Goodbyes: Saying goodbye to everyone individually can be a hassle and sometimes even awkward if they're a plus one or a distant relative. As a couple you will find yourself having the same small talk conversations over and over with your many guests on your big day. The Irish goodbye lets you skip that and focus on enjoying the party with your partner and friends.

  • More Time to Celebrate: Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why waste time saying goodbye when you could be having fun with your loved ones? The Irish goodbye lets you make the most of your reception and create lasting memories on your dancefloor.

  • It gives you and your guests more to talk about the next time you see them. Leaving the conservation open means the next time you see your guests you can hear their stories of your day.

  • It's a Time-Honoured Tradition: The Irish goodbye has been around for generations and is still a common practice in many cultures. It's a unique and memorable element to add to your special day.

If you decide to adopt the Irish goodbye, make sure your friends and family know that if they're planning on leaving early and they see you enjoying yourself on the dancefloor they don't need worry about coming over and saying their goodbyes directly. Let them know if they want to thank you for a great day a simple text message, DM on socials the following day or a heartfelt note in your guest book is all they really need to do. This can be easily included in your wedding signage, on your wedding website or your itinerary or wedding newspaper.

At SouthWestBand, we believe your wedding day should be stress-free, enjoyed to it's fullest. So, let's embrace the Irish goodbye and make every second of your special day count! Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness!

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