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  • Henry Clark

Rock Your Reception: SouthWestBand's Top 5 First Dance Songs of 2023

Struggling to choose your first dance for your wedding?

Need some ideas of first dance songs that work?

Here are five popular wedding first dance choices from our UK couples in 2023 to hopefully give you both some inspiration.

🤘 Paramore - Still Into You

Are you an elder emo? Did you have Kerrang magazine as your bedroom wallpaper? This might just be the alt banger for you. It’s a great upbeat tune and has been a very popular choice the last few years (It’s very fun to play too). This one is easy to start off slowly before kicking in with the full band and get your guests up partying with you early doors.

🎸 Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way

Ok so I confess I still haven’t seen this film yet (Shaun). I will get around to it one day but it this song is anything to go by it will be a banger too. Well crafted song by an incredibly talented artist. It has been a mega popular choice this year in particular.

💅 Tina Turner - The Best

Equally at home at the end of the night when ties are around heads and singalongs are at max volume or as your first dance. It’s a classic by the late great Tina Turner.

👑 Elvis Presley - Can’t Help Falling in Love

A timeless classic by the King himself. In fairness 2023 was the first time we played this song live as a first dance but it has been requested numerous times throughout the year. We really enjoyed making a three part harmony version of this one over in our Instagram page:

🐴 Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

Top drawer song by an iconic band. We’ve seen many impressive couples dance routines to this track and occasions where it was the accompaniment to a big wholesome group first dance. It has a few points where you can give us the nod and we’ll invite your guests up with you. If you’re feeling it this song also mixes well into a couple of other iconic Fleetwood Mac songs - Go Your Own Way or You Make Loving Fun

Hope you’ve found this useful. If so there might well be a part 2 with a few more suggestions for you. In the meantime why not check out our YouTube channel playlist with plenty of other fist dance ideas:

Much love


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