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5 tunes to boss your wedding entrance to

Updated: Apr 11

Are you currently planning your wedding? Don't underestimate the power of your reception entrance – it's your moment to shine and set the tone for the celebration ahead! SouthWestBand, your go-to Yorkshire-based wedding band, is here to share five epic songs that will make your entrance unforgettable.

1. "A Beautiful Day" - U2

Kick off your celebration with the uplifting and timeless anthem "A Beautiful Day" by U2. Its positive energy and catchy melody will create an atmosphere of joy and anticipation as you make your grand entrance. Let the celebration begin!

2. "Be Faithful" - Fatman Scoop

For a bold and energetic entrance, consider the high-energy track "Be Faithful" by Fatman Scoop. Get ready to make a statement as you and your partner burst onto the scene with this dynamic and rhythmic choice. It's guaranteed to get your guests in the party spirit!

3. "Celebration" - Kool and The Gang

Why not go classic with "Celebration" by Kool and The Gang? This timeless hit is a surefire way to infuse your entrance with a sense of festivity and jubilation. The upbeat rhythm and celebratory lyrics set the perfect tone for a night of dancing and merriment.

4. "Sunchyme" - Dario G

For a more contemporary and atmospheric entrance, consider the enchanting "Sunchyme" by Dario G. The dreamy melody and electronic beats create a magical ambiance, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to add a touch of sophistication to their entrance.

5. "Keep on Movin'" - 5ive

Inject a dose of nostalgia and high energy into your entrance with "Keep on Movin'" by 5ive. This lively and upbeat track will have your guests tapping their feet and ready to join the celebration. It's a fantastic choice for couples who want to infuse their entrance with a fun and carefree spirit.

Remember, your wedding reception entrance sets the stage for the entire celebration. Choose a song that resonates with your style and personality as a couple. Whether you opt for the classic vibes of Kool and The Gang or the modern beats of Dario G, SouthWestBand is here to ensure your entrance is nothing short of epic. Let's create a musical journey that reflects the magic of your love story on your special day. Contact SouthWestBand to start planning your dream wedding soundtrack!

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